Win my copy of Guitar Hero Live! (PS4 & XBOX One)

Big thanks to Activision for hooking me up with Guitar Hero Live! I’m giving out one copy for PS4 & one for XBOX One. This game is great with friends and there are hundreds of songs available for download. Good luck to everyone!

Guitar Hero Live (PS4 & XBOX ONE)

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  1. Kaleb Lilley
    Kaleb Lilley says:

    Big fan myles! Would love to take a game off your hands while you get that thumb better. Wouldn’t want them to set you back any further. Want to see you back on the court. Get well soon

  2. Collin
    Collin says:

    I’ve been a huge Pacers fan growing up as I live here in Indiana and I’ve attended many home games. Hope I land a video game. For the record, you and I are the same age! #hookAbrothaUp


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