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A look at Myles Turner playing in recent open gym runs

It is a common sight to see NBA players participating in open gym runs during the offseason. Myles Turner is no exception and has been participating in some of them lately while he has been in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

One of the recent runs that Myles was a part of was put together by NBA skills trainer Tim Martin. This particular run featured NBA players such as Boston Celtics guard Marcus Smart, Utah Jazz guard Emmanual Mudiay, and Los Angeles Clippers forward Johnathan Motley.

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Another recent open gym run that Myles participated in was with his former Indiana Pacers teammate Monta Ellis. Some of the other participants were players that are in the NBA G-League and foreign professional leagues while some are elite high school prospects.

The open gym runs were a great opportunity for Myles to put some particular aspects of his skill-set to use that he has been working on lately. A perfect example of this was the clip of the up-and-under move that he used in the post during one of the runs. That move was one of the techniques that he went over with NBA legend Kevin McHale earlier this month.

The upcoming month of August is going to be loaded with USA Basketball mini-camps in both Las Vegas and Los Angeles. If Myles manages to make the final cut, he will be traveling to Australia and China to participate in FIBA competition.

Potentially having such a taxing schedule would likely prevent Myles from being able to participate in similar open gym runs for most of the remainder of the summer. He will be able to go up against some of basketball’s most talented players in practice during his time with USA Basketball at least.