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Myles Turner earns two spots on the latest NBA’s top 100 dunks list

The NBA recently released a compilation of the top 100 dunks from the 2018-19 season. Myles Turner had a few of his dunks make it onto the list.

The first appearance that Myles made on the list was the dunk that he had against the Orlando Magic and earned the 54th spot. The sequence began with a high pick-and-roll and he managed to get behind the big defender in the play. That left Jonathan Isaac as the last line of defense in the paint.

It is no easy feat to challenge an athletic defender like Isaac at the rim. He is a legitimate shot-blocking presence, in general, but he has managed to block some of the league’s most powerful dunkers even when they have a full head of steam headed towards the rim.

It took a while for Myles to make his second and final appearance on the list but it was well worth the wait. What earned him the nod was the dunk that he had against the Boston Celtics during the playoffs. It was good enough to earn the 10th spot on the list.

The dunk over Gordon Hayward was the product of a savvy shot fake off a pick-and-pop that caused Al Horford to close out hard to prevent a three-pointer. After the flyby out on the perimeter, Turner had significant momentum going towards the basket with the defense’s only rim protector neutralized.

This is certainly not the first season that Myles has made it onto one of these lists. He earned the 48th spot on the NBA’s 2017-18 edition of their top dunks list. It was the dunk that he had against the New Orleans Pelicans that was the product of getting Anthony Davis to fall for a shot fake.

The second-highest ranking that Myles has landed on an NBA top 100 dunks list came against the Cleveland Cavaliers during the 2016-17 playoffs. The thunderous dunk that he threw down against Tristan Thompson earned the 23rd ranking on this particular edition.

These four dunks are some of the most iconic plays that Myles has made during his NBA career. We will have to wait and see what dunks that he will manage to get on next year’s edition of this list.