Indiana Pacers, Myles Turner, NBA

Myles Turner: On working with Kevin McHale, Team USA camp and the new-look Pacers (via The Athletic)

One thing about Myles Turner: He is true to his word. He’s been committed to USA Basketball since he was a teenager in Bedford, Texas. As a long list of top players backed out of the annual training camp and consideration for the World Cup team, citing their focus on the upcoming NBA season, there was no need for Turner to reaffirm his commitment. The U.S. team knew.

He’s thrilled to take part and use the final month of the offseason to gear up for another NBA season.

After the Pacers’ season ended in the first round of the playoffs to the Boston Celtics, Turner went to Hawaii. But other than a few trips, he’s spent the majority of his summer in Texas and following his offseason routine. He did yoga three days a week, in addition to daily work on the court and in the weight room. He’s dropped body fat, focused on toning muscles and is right where he wants to be entering his fifth season.

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