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NBA Star & Fans Stuff 100s Of Bags For Homeless — With Handwritten Notes Of Love. (via Inspire More)

Indiana Pacers player Myles Turner wants so much more out of life than NBA stardom. That’s because one phrase has always stuck with him: we all really matter.

Those are the words that sparked the athlete’s mission to do more with his platform, though he’s been doing his part to help those less fortunate since he was a kid. Growing up in a suburb between Dallas and Fort Worth, Turner saw firsthand how many people, including young children, live homeless.

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“I said, ‘Mom, why aren’t they at their house? Why are they outside?’” Turner recalled. “She said, ‘Those are the less fortunate. They can’t afford to live in a warm house like we do.’ That was a big impactful moment for me. I obviously never want that for myself, but I never want to see anyone else in that predicament.”

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