Reflecting on Myles Turner’s blocks from #NBABlockWeek

The NBA recently led a social media campaign this week highlighting the top blocks from the 2018-19 season using the #NBABlockWeek hashtag.

Using fan votes via Twitter polls, the NBA compiled a list of the top 20 blocks from last season. The block that Myles had against Kyle Kuzma during a matchup with the Los Angeles Lakers earned the 9th spot in the rankings.

As the league-leader in blocks, the NBA further highlighted Myles’ shot-blocking. Between the victory-clinching stuff against the Chicago Bulls, the stuff at the rim against Marvin Williams, and the denial against Kuzma, some of Myles’ most iconic recent blocks made the list.

There was a larger reel of Myles’ best blocks that the league posted to their official YouTube channel. The expanded version included a couple of rejections against the reigning MVP among along with other talented players.

Myles is certainly no stranger to the #NBABlockWeek lists. He managed to earn the 13th spot in the 2017-18 rankings with the stuff against James Johnson after he split two defenders above the break.

It will be interesting to see what memorable blocks Myles can create during the upcoming season. He will likely provide plenty of content for next year’s #NBABlockWeek.

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